Heinz Robert

Knowledge Architect, Connection Catalyst, Communications Alchemyst

Further Training

Self study of the Integral Theory according to Ken Wilber since 2001 by participating different seminars and workshops in Europe and USA

6-months Leadership and Embodiment Training with Circling Europe, and regular practice in Circling a dynamic group process for authentic relations to self and other

Participating and hosting U.Lab Transforming Business, Society, and Self, a MOOC organized by Presencing Institut and MITx

Introduction into Ego Development and basics for analysing the sentence completion test SCTi-MAP with Susanne Cook-Greuter

Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) Level I–III with Dr. Don Beck

1-year training for Transparent Communication with Susanne Ahlendorf

Wellness Trainer distance training at IST Düsseldorf, DE, with practical seminars in the institute and different wellness facilities

Training as Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Several courses and trainings for merchandising and advertising at the Institute for Economic Development (WIFI), Vienna, AT

Life Experience

Co-founding the Association for Relational Practices and Embodied Leadership and establishing the Relational Spaces in Copenhagen together with a group of other Circling and Authentic Relating enthusiasts.

Assisting training leader in 6-months training from Circling Europe

joining the Center of Wise Leadership, Inspiring Leaders To Wise Action through insight, circumspection and foresight

Co-Founder of Circling Schweiz

Project lead & event organization at Omni Heart Project (former OpenMindCenter, Space for Consciousness, Development and Culture)

Two months book retreat Mallorca to write my first book “F*ck That! Lebe deine Essenz mit Supra Sex

2013 & 2014
Organizing and facilitating OpenSpaces at the New Earth Camp, Villa Unspunnen, Wilderswil

Facilitating OpenSpace and De Bono Process during the Summer School from University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland

Assistance over 3 weeks on corporate strategy in Hamburg

Moving to Zurich, Switzerland – freelance graphic designer for several agencies

Moving to Reutlingen, Baden-Würtemberg, Germany – freelancer with focus on Media Design, Marketing and Business-Consulting for a Start-Up. Besides own praxis for Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Moving to Andalusia, south Spain – several jobs as barkeeper, graphic designer, mobile masseur and furniture salesman. Working and living partially in a buddhist retreat center.

3 weeks travel in North India

Beginning with Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga

Beginning with regular meditation practice in the Buddhistischen Vajrayana Tradition

2 1/2 months in the USA with the goal to become a model and porn star