wood and passion

by Heinz Robert

Gazebo in Sweden

This building is an 8-sided gazebo/pavilion with 6m diameter. It is built on a small slope at the edge to a nature reserve. There is a hole for making small bonfire in the floor, protected with concrete plate below and bricks around. The smoke can leave through opening in the roof. In the afternoon sunlight can stream in through the transparent part of the roof covered with polycarbonate panels. I planned the building from scratch based on some ideas I found online, and I had help from some friends who had a lot of fun.

Material costs: approx. 28.000 SEK

Simple Greenhouse

This greenhouse I built almost alone in about 2 weeks, including digging out the plot and making the foundation. I had to level the slope and make a french drain so the greenhouse floor will not be flooded from water that runs over the meadow besides. There is perforated pipes in the trenches covered with fabric and gravel. At the corners the bottom timber is mounted with rebars in concrete and screwed on so it doesn’t fly away from wind. To keep it cheap I covered the greenhouse with a transparent tarp but planning to use old windows at a later stage.

Material costs: approx. 5.000 DKK

Simple Garden Bench

A bench was my first project for our garden and gives space for 2-3 people. I used pressure treated wood which I would rather not do again. It lasts long but it’s not very nice to process, and the sawdust and leftovers can not be burned at home.
A neighbor liked it so much, so he ordered one for his garden, and it came out a bit simpler without the beer holders.

Material costs: approx. 300 DKK


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