Heinz Robert

Knowledge Architect, Relations Catalyst, Communications Alchemyst

Transformation of Self, leadership and society
with the power of dialogue between mind, emotions, and intuition.

In Dialogue with the Essential

In all I do it is important to me to track down the essential, to immerse in the essence of being, to fathom the complex relationships of life and the inter human dynamics on a physical, emotional and intellectual level.

Regardless of wether you are currently facing particular challenges as an individual person or an organisation, through slowing down of the ways of thinking and behaviour patterns, and the consideration of these from an outside perspective, you can tap new potential.

I would love to support you.

Truth originates from the source

Where different opinions, world-views and perspectives meet, conflicts may arise. These conflicts are solvable if we respect some simple things in our communication. Everybody believes to know the truth but this truth is difficult to see as long we let our self carry away by the fast-flowing river of life.

Sometimes it needs the courage to stop, slow down life, or even swim upstream. On closer inspection of the water around new perspectives open up, and new behaviour patterns out of integrity, which seem to derive from the origin of all being and which are closer to the source of Truth.

Do you want to get to the bottom of truth, too?

Knowledge Architect

The mind I use as tool to create new ideas and build new thought-constructs, which supports you to find ways through the information jungle.

Relations Catalyst

My heart supports me to perceive my feelings and emotions and to express them in the right moment in an accurate way. Honesty and intimacy support the collaboration.

Communications Alchemyst

To trust intuition, to surrender to what is, receiving information from the net of collective wisdom, facilitates the communication on all levels.

Who am I?

I am investigating this question already since almost 50 years. A lot I have learned since then about myself and my relationship to the world surrounding me. Still I am discovering every day new aspects of this I which are so wonderful that it encourages me to explore further.

Relationships and communication is flowing like a red threat throughout my whole life. Most of my professional and private projects revolve more or less around those topics.

What I spend my time with sometimes:

Renovating a barn in Sweden (2023-)
Making electronic music on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp
Relational Spaces Copenhagen (2020-2022)
Circling Schweiz (2014–2021)
Circling deutschsprachig (since 2018)
Vibrant Collaboration (current book project)
Graphics, Webdesign and Advertising (since 1994)

If you are further interested in my becoming you’ll find here my CV


My Offer

I am happy to provide my experience from many years of project support, group facilitation and communications training. It is said that I can create a relaxed and reliable haven of reflection and mutual trust which I am able to hold even in conflict-laden situations.

Examples to support you or your organization:

  • 1o1 Circling/Coaching
  • Workshop for Circling and Surrendered Leadership
  • Mediation/Conflict resolution/Reconciliation
  • Nurturance Dialogue (assessment, consulting and restorative processes)
  • Workshop based on my book Vibrant Collaboration
  • Silent retreat in Schweden


There is currently no events planned.

Urban Retreat in Copenhagen

4-6 November 2022

A weekend with meditation and Circling at Relational Spaces.

Register here


Vibrant Collaboration

How more honesty and intimacy in teams leads to better collaboration.

In this book I want to explore how dynamics between co-workers generated by feelings and emotions, as well as our life force and our honest and intimate relations on the workplace, are influencing our collaboration in teams and organizations.

Applied honesty, authenticity and a more consciously lived intimacy can support the transmutation of this life-force. And, in turn, this can lead to better conditions in the workplace, more inspiration, productivity, etc.. … continue reading

Report From EROS/POWER Workshop in London

In early November I went to London for a workshop related to the book by Hilary Bradbury and William Torbert. I had been really looking forward to this workshop for several weeks. It felt like everything turned out in my favor to be able to attend. I earned good money the month before to pay the flight and AirBnB, got a scholarship for the course, and I had time to go to London for some extra days, as I had never been to the UK before. The workshop seemed very important for my work, as I am currently writing a book about a similar topic. I “had to be there,” so my intention was strong. … continue reading

The Eros of Sustainability: Can Women and Men Collaborate well?

Heinz Robert is working on a new book about what it takes for women and men to collaborate better. He is associated with the Center of Wise leadership and works as a coach for relational and gender issues. We spoke about how important this is in the work to create a more sustainable society. … continue reading

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